leadership“The team with the best players wins.”  -Jack Welch

An owner-operated company, Numbers Place is staffed and managed by professionals with a passion for applying technology to business processes. Our leaders are experienced software engineers who share the philosophy of maintaining an open work environment that facilitates exploration, inspiring the staff to develop creative and innovative solutions.

The company as a whole is developed to match this vision, with a focus on automation, debugging, and code reuse.

Jason M., President

As president and founder of Numbers Place, Jason set out to develop a company designed by software engineers, for software engineers. He is responsible for conceptualizing and executing the company’s strategic direction.

Jason possesses more than 12 years of combined government, commercial, and research experience in various software development and technology disciplines. In 2000, he developed software to digitize processes for General Electric Power Systems, and was subsequently accepted into the Software Technology Program at the General Electric Global Research Center. He served in the Enterprise Systems Engineering program at The MITRE Corporation developing quantitative methods for data processing and data visualization.

Jason holds a BS in computer science from Siena College, an MS in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic University, and an MS in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University.