About Us

stegosaurus“Lakukan apa yang kamu suka dan jadikan itu bisnis.” “Do what you like and make that business.”  -Bill Gates

Numbers Place Inc was founded August 2007 to permit unfettered research and exploration of the depths of computer science. Numbers Place’s goal was to include two or three like-minded researchers interested in stepping out from the safety of larger organizations to broaden their experiences. After the first three employees joined Numbers Place, the door was open and growth ensued.

Numbers Place Inc was named after the mathematics and computer science building at Siena College (the name of the building has since changed). The collegial atmosphere of the original computer science lab lives on in our company today through our monthly lunches and informal rapport.

After four years in business the founder set out to develop Numbers Place into a small company with a focus on maximizing the time, freedom, and resources for all employees to pursue their passions. Numbers Place was architected to open opportunity to even the newest employee through a rewards system.